1914-1918: World War I Soldiers of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force awaiting embarkation at Auckland.  The soldier in the front with the cigarette is Joseph Forbes, a Great Uncle of Ken Baker
Prior to his retirement, Kenneth M. (Ken) Baker located in Brussels, Belgium, was formerly the President and Managing Director of KMB Associates, a Public and Government Affairs Company.

Ken's family has origins in Australia, Italy, the UK and Ireland and he has much personal experience in the difficult task of tracking down family in these countries.  He has often visited original sources in all of these countries

Ken is a New Zealander and a Member of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists as well as several European Genealogical Associations.

His base in Belgium provides the ideal centralised place for seeking out original information and researching genealogical needs for European forbears.

Should you family have origins in any European country Ken would be pleased to provide advice - please contact us using the co-oridnates below. Foreign languages are for the most part not a problem.
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The purpose of this site is to make available, information and data collected over the years with regard to New Zealand and Australian geneaology connections in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Most data and information on this site has been collected and transcribed by Ken Baker over a number of years when he has been researching his own family connections.
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