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Researching Family Links in Italy

New !  History and Passenger Lists from the Marquis de Rey Expedition of 1880

There are few New Zealanders but many Australians with family links to Italy. There were groups of Italians encouraged to come to New Zeland to settle in the 1870's. And  Italians came to Australia in two major waves, one around the 1880's and the next after the Second World War.

The war memorial in Conegliano, Veneto,  to those who fought with Garibaldi 

Italian family records are fragmented and generally kept at the parochial level and so seeking family information can be a headache.  Nevertheless, most records of births, marriages and deaths exist still provided you know where to look.  Often, family names were and to a large extent,still are to certain areas or districts of Italy. 


Should you family have origins in any European country we can also help you trace them and avoid the problems of dealing in foreign languages.


KMB Associates is a specialist consulting agency providing advice and consulting on family research matters on the European continent and the UK.  We are specialists for France, Belgium the UK and Italy.

Our base in Belgium provides the ideal centralised place for seeking out original information and researching your genealogical needs for your European forbears. 

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